Supreme Court steps in to protect Great Indian Bustard


ByKrishnadas Rajagopal 

The Supreme Court on Monday swooped-in to intervene on behalf of the critically endangered Great Indian Bustards over the birds falling dead after colliding with power lines running through their dwindling natural habitats in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

A Bench led by Chief Justice of India Sharad A. Bobde will examine on a priority basis whether overhead power cables can be replaced with underground ones to save one of the heaviest flying birds on the planet.

Attorney General K.K. Venugopal, appearing for the Power Ministry, however submitted that only low voltage lines can go underground but not the high voltage ones.

The court found further that an alternative mechanism — to install flight bird divertors — to guide the birds away from the power lines would be expensive. In fact, the court discovered that the divertors, with their recurring costs, would end costing more than installing and maintaining underground lines.

But the court suggested treading the middle path.


Cyclones Nivar & Burevi Brought Much Ease To Migrating Birds- Tamil Nadu:

Arrival of cyclones proves to be an angle with food for migrating birds. The night of November' 25th'2020 brought downpour in several coastal and northern districts of Tamil Nadu, Southern Andra Pradesh, Pondicherry along India's south east coast. Birds habitation eagerly need these rain filled cyclones to allow different microorganisms and fish to flourish and act as a major source of food for birds. Many birdwatcher elaborates that avian species take a thorough survey much before they plan for roosting, breeding as well as settling down at a place and only if they feel that the place is well equipped and secure they stopover else they disappear.

Researchers also further shares that most of the migrating birds have low frontal vision because of which they  are unable to identify powerlines obstacles and hence results in collisions. Installing Bird diverter on powerlines can be a considered as one of the best possible solution.

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Karnataka High Court To State Government On GIB Survival

It was on Thursday - Karnataka High Court Questioned State Government

Will You Appoint Expert Agency To Study Habitat Of Great Indian Bustard?

The starting of year 2021 opens more possibilities / feasibility for Critically Endangered species "Great Indian Bustards - GIB. On Jan'07'2021 ,Thursday - Karnataka High Court commands State Government to submits a report by Jan'21'2021 elaborating on whether they intend to appoint a highly experienced agency like Bombay Natural History -BNHS or Wildlife Institute of India -WII to study the natural habitation of the remaining critically endangered species of "Great Indian Bustards - GIB in the state.

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Bird Diverters Installation Is A Must On Power Lines- As Per NGT

The myth about the Great Indian Bustard (GIB), Powerlines and Bird Diverters is always a very sensitive point of discussion from decades. Multiple seminars, meetings and conferences were held around the globe from time to time by different wild life-saving associations, federations and other prominent governing bodies. Recently it was on 04-04-2019 ref "Original Application No. 385/2019" when Hon'ble National Green Tribunal -NGT has directed The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change - MoEF&CC to furnish a accurate report on the deaths of Great Indian Bustard within 2 months. The said report (FACTUAL REPORT ON THE GREAT INDIAN BUSTARD RECOVERY PROGRAM) was finally submitted to The Registrar of  Hon'ble National Green Tribunal -NGT  on 11-07-2019 by Deputy Inspector General MoEF&CC. After going through the facts and figures as elaborated in the above mentioned  factual report, The National Green Tribunal -NGT found that steps taken are not adequate and there continues to be high mortality of the birds.

Hence later this year on 23-12-2020{(Original Application No. 385/2019) -(IA No. 333/2020)}  The National Green Tribunal - NGT passed an order during which it has been directed that the installation of “bird diverters” on power transmission lines should be done on priority basis in order to protect the critically endangered Great Indian Bustard (GIB).


The Crucial Points of The National Green Tribunal -NGT Order (mitigation measures for

protection of Great Indian Bustard (GIB) are:-


  • Bird Diverters Installation on power transmission lines is Mandatory.

  • Under-grounding of transmission lines needs to be insured for all new projects by making it mandatory under the Water/Air Acts by the concerned State PCBs which may be overseen by the CPCB and the MoEF&CC.”

  • Route planning

  • Vane tips of the wind turbine shall be painted with orange colour to avoid bird hits



The National Green Tribunal -NGT has strictly directed the MoEF&CC/CPCB/State PCBs to take further action as per the plan suggested by the six-member committee appointed by the Tribunal itself.

In the final verdict, The Court inclined the matter by directing that all mandatory steps be taken for preserving critically endangered Great Indian Bustard (GIB) by installing bird diverters on all existing power transmission lines as suggested by the six-member Committee of the MoEF&CC. It has further directed that  Monitoring of compliance be done, preferably by the Wildlife Institute of India at least twice a year.

The Court has considered the report submitted by the Committee and directed it to finalize the proposed action plan within two months.

There has been a drastic  decline by 75% in the population of the Great Indian Bustard (GIB) since the last 3 decades. The main reason for these declines is lethal accidents /collisions with power transmission lines.


Project Great Indian Bustard (GIB) Announced by Govt of Rajasthan

Rajasthan being addressed as the continent of Great Indian Bustard-GIB. Being the largest bird of the well-known bustard family mostly prefer grasslands and scrublands as their most preferable destinations.


Govt. of Rajasthan came forward to rescue Great Indian Bustard by announcing a clean chit for 12 Crore -"Project - Great Indian Bustard" specifically for retrieving the population of different avian species. 


The Great Indian Bustard is one of the heaviest flying bird species in the world. They can weight upto 15kg and can attain height up to one meter. GIB has been observed as frequent visitors of grasslands. The latest reports confirm the population of these creatures are centric to 200 numbers only out of which 100 are expected to found in Rajasthan. The numbers very well elaborate that they are very near to extinction in the upcoming decades. This will turn Great Indian Bustard-GIB among the first Indian super species to fade off after the great Cheetah. 

As per combined survey reports the population graph of Great Indian Bustard-GIB is around 1500-2000 no's in the 1980s.GIB was found to be spread throughout the western belt of India. With uncontrolled chasing and declining prairies, their population got diminished.

Researchers suggested the installation of Bird Flight Diverter as a impactful solution in the said cause.

In July 2011 the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) declared all winged creatures as endangered species.

This alarming statement by IUCN creates a huge panic in the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF). Immediately MOEF created an animal varieties retrieval program to save Great Indian Bustard-GIB, Lesser Florican, Bengal Florican, three of the four bustard species found in India. A year back all these three species have been indigenous to Indian fields and were found near to the edge of elimination.


The said retrieval program is considered to be more in books rather than to be implemented. As per some MoEF sources, the last form of the rules for the recuperation program is yet to be printed and must be communicated within the states. 


The tendency of the government for maintaining the nature of pendency could cost dearly for the flying species. An initiative was taken a month ago by a few influential personalities, encouraging the central clergyman of Rajasthan to start a campaign for securing winged animals. The population of winged animals in Rajasthan is extremely crucial for the said retrieval program. As per the available research, the population of these species are restricted to below 10 in different states. It's not a very easy task to lead the retrieval program with limited population.


Bird Flight Diverters A Miracle For Avian Species

Multiple Exploration around the globe well elaborates avian mortalities caused by human-made infrastructures, in the race to provide better and upgraded amenities. These facilities are further divided into three different segments which are increasing day by day:-

  • Transmission Lines

  • Communication Tower

  • Wind Turbines

Acquiring the actual probability of avian population mortality is not an easy task with a frequent increase in the above-mentioned facilities. The level of threats to avians species from the said facilities continues to increase.

Transmission Lines always act as one of the biggest trouble/factors for avian species collisions as compared to other facilities. Powerlines have phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground wire clearances, which leads to avian landing / resting on the Powerline towers and further leads to increased risk of completing the circuit often resulting in electrocution and power failure.

Transmission lines where overhead ground wires are mostly smaller in comparison of the phase conductors are more expected to create bird collisions. Eliminating fixed wires and protecting energized conductors with surge arresters should be taken into consideration wherever possible. The discussed factors are pretty much expensive and even not feasible at all locations. Hence industry leaders came up with an alternative economical solution to reduce avian collisions at powerlines by introducing wire marking devices such as:-

  • Aerial Marker Spheres

  • Spiral Vibration Dampers

  • Conductor Cover-Up

  • Swinging Plates

  • Bird-Flight Diverters

  • Flappers.

Few marking devices that physically enlarge the wire work as a wind sensitive device, inspiring snow during winters automatically increases the risk of wire and power break down due to line tension and stress loads. These devices may also cause physical damage to the conductors.

The output of Bird Diverters was always found up to the mark when it comes to either avian collision or population factors. Different Bird diverters have different specifications and probabilities and hence they cannot be compared among themselves. The efficacy of a few bird diverters that are specifically targeting particular species can hardly be questioned. Bird Diverters execution is well explained if these diverters are easily noticeable and act as a predator to endangered and vulnerable species.

Researchers further state that wherever Bird diverters are installed there should be a min spacing of 5 meters or 16ft between each of them because the probability of collision automatically decreases when the space between bird flight diverters is less.

The brief of worldwide studies well elaborates that Bird Flight Diverters are the most potential rescuer in saving avian species.


Why Install IndoDivert: Bird Flight Diverter on Power Transmission Lines?

The collision of birds with power lines is one of the major causes of avian mortality. This along with electrocution results in death of millions of birds. This not only leads to significant reduction in birds’ population but also results in power disruptions. 

Do you know that over 6-8 million birds worldwide meet with death due to electrocution from power transmission cables and communication towers? The one fool-proof, avian-friendly method is installing Bird flight diverter on transmission lines that can avert fatal accidents of birds and prevent damage and loss. 

You may be wondering what on earth this device is and how it functions. 

This device is clamped on to power lines using a clamp from which is suspended a warning disk. This disk has contrasting coloured retro reflective reflectors on both faces. The disk also glows in the night and the reflectors reflect moon and sunlight thereby offering warning to birds. 

Spring-loaded clamp assisted with gearbox grip provides super-strong clamping on conductors. The clamp is non-conductive and is made of engineered composite polymers that can withstand high temperatures. Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, some of these diverters come with high powered LED lights that provide visibility during inclement weather conditions like fog, storm, or snow and in low light at dawn and dusk. 

What makes this bird diverter so popular and value of money product is its strength, durability, and efficiency requiring the least maintenance that makes it so usable. This light-weight, spinning, and glowing large disc with a custom-designed clamp for every conductor providing a robust grip is fail-proof even at 160 km/hr wind speed. The stainless steel suspension with low-friction ball bearings allows controlled rotation. Ultra bright reflectors with contrasting colors catch the attention of birds from a long distance while the corrosion-free metal parts used in the devices facilitate increased longevity. All these features make it a superb-quality, maintenance-free product valuable for a long-lasting period.

Available at a cost-effective price, this easy-to-install, light-weight Bird Flight Diverter is an excellent choice for utility companies that save birds from a collision, prevent short-circuit and damage to wires and help companies avoid fines. Installing this device has resulted in saving flamingoes, swans, geese, pigeons, and other birds from accidents preserving the lives of all kinds of birds and those of the endangered species.

You can rely on this patented device and purchase it from the leading manufacturer at an economical rate. 

Besides this, you can check for our other wildlife saving devices, like Pin insulator Guard, Bird guard, conductor insulator cover that have stood the test of time and would prove to be highly effective. So, what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to all your power losses and damage concerns due to birds perching on transmission wires and buy and install this device for guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind.