Why We Need Bird Flight Diverter on Transmission Lines?

Bird Diverter

For safety reasons, high powered transmission lines are placed very high; however, for avian species, these overhead conductors are a potentially fatal obstacle. Under low visibility conditions, birds sometimes fly into power lines and collide with overhead structures and conductors. Besides being fatal for birds, such accidents damage insulators and equipment leading to customer interruptions.

You must have often wondered seeing the vast network of utility structures, power lines and communication towers in both rural and urban areas. Though a symbol of technological advancements, these power lines are a major cause of unnatural birds’ death.

Rapidly increasing urbanisation has led to a significant degradation in birds’ habitat. Our avian friends respond to this phenomenon by perching or nesting on buildings and electric poles. Millions of birds, including endangered Great Indian Bustard, Bald and Golden eagles, owls and hawks, estimated to have electrocuted and died while perching on these power lines& towers.The avian population has decreased significantly, causing concern to Fish and Wildlife Service. The innocent birds suffer considerable mortality by these thoughtlessly constructed human-made structures.

Collision mortality in birds is also highly increased. Sadly, sometimes utilities miss to follow adequate precautionary measures or bird safety provisions to avoid such accidents. There is a need to find an immediate and fool proof method to aim at these problems and lessen the bird mortality rate.

On the flip side, birds can also create hazardous problems for these utility structures.

When they collide with these structures, they can cause a short circuit or power disruption.

● When protected species die, the concerned utility may have to pay a hefty fine.

● Birds’ nests and droppings cause massive damage to electric transformers and other electrical equipment and loss of an enormous amount of money.

There is a dire need to address the problem by introducing some avian friendly arrangements for these power structures.

We, at Indolite Devices Pvt. Ltd., have come up with many useful tool to avoid electrocution and collision of birds. Bird Flight Diverter, Pin Insulator, Bird Guard,Conductor Insulator Cover are few options that can prove to be a real boon for birds.

● Indolite avian-friendly Bird Flight Diverter helps utility companies save birds from collision, prevent damage to wires, and avoid fines.

● Thanks to the highly reflective bird diverter, birds can see the hazard from a great distance while flying.

● It is supposed to be the most dynamic bird diverter to avoid the risk of birds’ colliding with power lines or high-rise buildings.

● The dynamic bird diverter is approved by EPRI for its effectiveness in causing the birds to stay away from the utility structures.

● This bird flapper is generally a non-dynamic type bird diverter. It has limited capacity to withstand high velocity winds as it only swing motion instead of spinning.

● The reflective bird diverter, with its retro reflective radiant reflectors, is a highly effective and tested solution to save birds from striking while flying.

● The bird flight diverter reflects sunlight and moon light to makes itself visible to migratory birds from a safe distance.

● Warning Disc of Indolite diverter glows in dark, thus warns birds even in dark and low light conditions.

● The bird flapper can be easily installed manually using a hot stick or even by hands.

● The reflective bird diverter is the most affordable yet effective choice to reduce the risk of bird collision.

● Our highly effective bird flight diverter costs much lower than installing coils around the power lines. Coils can harm or entangle birds rather than diverting them, resulting in more harm. The Indolite bird reflector works constructively even during foggy times or in low light at dawn and dusk or when birds’ flight are at their peak.

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