Cyclones Nivar & Burevi Brought Much Ease To Migrating Birds- Tamil Nadu:

Arrival of cyclones proves to be an angle with food for migrating birds. The night of November' 25th'2020 brought downpour in several coastal and northern districts of Tamil Nadu, Southern Andra Pradesh, Pondicherry along India's south east coast. Birds habitation eagerly need these rain filled cyclones to allow different microorganisms and fish to flourish and act as a major source of food for birds. Many birdwatcher elaborates that avian species take a thorough survey much before they plan for roosting, breeding as well as settling down at a place and only if they feel that the place is well equipped and secure they stopover else they disappear.

Researchers also further shares that most of the migrating birds have low frontal vision because of which they  are unable to identify powerlines obstacles and hence results in collisions. Installing Bird diverter on powerlines can be a considered as one of the best possible solution.

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