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IndoDivert Model Wind Mill Solar

India, the country is a home for varied migrant Siberian birds, which visit every year for having proper food, nesting, and breeding. 

Power lines are life line for any country, but at the same time these have created a vicious circle of death for birds. More than 6.8 million birds have lost their precious life due to collision with power transmission lines and communication towers. 

Thankfully, IndoDivert - Bird Fight Diverter
 works as a fortune for birds. It foretells bird about obstruction in their flight path thus avoids avains crash with power and communication lines.

IndoDivert, is top-ranked brand in manufacturing mitigation equipment and devices to help wild life. 
Our new Bird Flight Diverter model - Wind Mill Solar (also called BD-29) is tested at 160 km/ hour wind speed. It is a technologically advanced device which emits UV light and gives bird signal from a great distance and eliminates collision possibility, thereby reducing the mortality rate. For additional safety of birds, IndoDivert Glows in Dark.

This model has controlled rotary movement, as too fast spinning makes the things invisible. Sun and Moon reflectors of contrasting colours also attract attention.

INSTALLATION: Can be installed using UAV, Hot Stick, Manual and automatic trolley.

This Model has been Approved by

  1. M/S Tata Power Solar Limited
  2. M/S Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co. Limited
  3. M/S H.P. Power Transmission Corporation Ltd.
  4. M/S Essel Surya Urja Company of Rajsthan Ltd
  5. M/S Sterlite Power Limited
  6. M/S Adani Power Limited
  7. M/S Engie International Ltd
  8. M/S Hero Future Energy Limited
  9. M/S Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Corporation Ltd.
  10. M/S East North Interconnection Company Limited
  11. M/S Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Limited
  12. M/S Vestas Wind Systems Limited
  13. M/S KEC International Limited   



 Clamp Suitable for all Conductors from Jaguar/ Panther/ Lion Conductor.

 Dia. Suitable for Moose/ Zebra-conductor

 Dia. Suitable for OPGW/ Earth Wire