Why Install IndoDivert: Bird Flight Diverter on Power Transmission Lines?

The collision of birds with power lines is one of the major causes of avian mortality. This along with electrocution results in death of millions of birds. This not only leads to significant reduction in birds’ population but also results in power disruptions. 

Do you know that over 6-8 million birds worldwide meet with death due to electrocution from power transmission cables and communication towers? The one fool-proof, avian-friendly method is installing Bird flight diverter on transmission lines that can avert fatal accidents of birds and prevent damage and loss. 

You may be wondering what on earth this device is and how it functions. 

This device is clamped on to power lines using a clamp from which is suspended a warning disk. This disk has contrasting coloured retro reflective reflectors on both faces. The disk also glows in the night and the reflectors reflect moon and sunlight thereby offering warning to birds. 

Spring-loaded clamp assisted with gearbox grip provides super-strong clamping on conductors. The clamp is non-conductive and is made of engineered composite polymers that can withstand high temperatures. Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, some of these diverters come with high powered LED lights that provide visibility during inclement weather conditions like fog, storm, or snow and in low light at dawn and dusk. 

What makes this bird diverter so popular and value of money product is its strength, durability, and efficiency requiring the least maintenance that makes it so usable. This light-weight, spinning, and glowing large disc with a custom-designed clamp for every conductor providing a robust grip is fail-proof even at 160 km/hr wind speed. The stainless steel suspension with low-friction ball bearings allows controlled rotation. Ultra bright reflectors with contrasting colors catch the attention of birds from a long distance while the corrosion-free metal parts used in the devices facilitate increased longevity. All these features make it a superb-quality, maintenance-free product valuable for a long-lasting period.

Available at a cost-effective price, this easy-to-install, light-weight Bird Flight Diverter is an excellent choice for utility companies that save birds from a collision, prevent short-circuit and damage to wires and help companies avoid fines. Installing this device has resulted in saving flamingoes, swans, geese, pigeons, and other birds from accidents preserving the lives of all kinds of birds and those of the endangered species.

You can rely on this patented device and purchase it from the leading manufacturer at an economical rate. 

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