What is a Perch Deterrent?

A device with effective thorny looks that is developed to discourage birds from landing, roosting and nesting near a specific area are known as bird deterrents. or in other words we can say  The visual devices that are well designed to act as predators for birds, which can either represent to be a human or huge birds are known as visual deterrent and the oldest in the said sector is what we all know or seen as scarecrows.


Basically perch deterrents are specifically designed devices that are introduced to avoid different species of birds (raptors and corvids) from using tall infrastructures as their hunting, resting as well as breeding platforms. These devices also act as life saver for migrating birds from huge predators. 


Worldwide research also elaborates that perch deterrents can't prevent perching completely but yes if they are planned to installed correctly as prescribed , deterrents have an ability to reduce perching rates and time span.

Our product Perch Deterrent Model BS-5N-V2 is very effective in stopping birds from perching on transmission towers and cross arms for power transmission towers. This also does not allow nesting of even large birds like kites, vultures and crows.


Flame retardant.
Easy and permanent installation.
UV protected.
Robust design.
Superior Finish.
Can resist -20 degree Celsius to 100 degree Celsius temperature.
Has no recurring cost. It is a Fit & Forget product.
It can be installed on any surface of any shape & geometry.

Perch Deterrent

We have models with Stainless Steel spikes