Bird Flight Diverter - A Blessing for Migrating Birds; Especially Endangered Species.

Large birds, like flamingos, Geese, Swans and many other endangered species, while migrating, are at greatest risk of colliding with transmission lines.

Most of these accidents are fatal.

Low light conditions during dawn and dusk limit visibility of transmission lies.

Even during day time, the silver colour of conductor merges with horizon diminishing visibility.

Flying speed of these birds can reach up to 135 km/hour. Due to their size and speed, these birds cannot manoeuverfast to avoid collision.

It is estimated that on average 33 million birds are killed due to transmission line collision every year.

  • Migrating birds usually travel in flocks.

  • Tail end birds are most vulnerable.

  • The ones at the front obstruct the view of birds at the tail end.

  • Tail end birds, who usually follow birds in their front , do not get a chance to change their path at the last moment and collide with transmission lines.

  • These accidents are mostly fatel as birds lose consciousness and fall to the ground from a great height.

IndoDivert - Bird Flight Diverter reveals the presence of a conductor from a great distance which helps the birds change their flight path, thus averting accidents.

Robust construction of IndoDivert makes it strong to withstand all weather conditions.

It is made of material’s which transmit ultraviolet light and glow in the dark. This improves its visibility and gives warning from great distance.

Light reflectors are also fixed in the middle of the dangler which unveil the existence of transmission lines.

In many countries, it is now mandatory to fix Diverters on power transmission/high mast antennas etc.

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